Community involvement

Enable’s vision is for our fibre broadband network to be the essential enabler of an economically and socially vibrant, connected, innovative, and globally competitive greater Christchurch.

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Focused only on our region, Enable is inherently linked to the people of Canterbury and is committed to making a positive contribution to this community. 

The investment being made to make fibre broadband widely available is already beginning to generate returns for the broader community. 

Owned by the people of Christchurch 

Enable is fully owned by Christchurch City Holdings Limited, the investment arm of the Christchurch City Council. It’s investment in what will become the largest and most important telecommunications network is set to generate significant returns to the Council, through CCHL, from long-term future dividends. 

Raising the bar in education and community services 

Today, all schools and hospitals in Christchurch are able to connect to fibre broadband. What’s more, all hospitals and over 150 schools are now connected and delivering essential healthcare and education services to our community utilising Enable’s fibre broadband. 

Enable has worked closely with Network for Learning (N4L) to connect all local state schools to fibre broadband so they can access the benefits of N4L’s managed network. 

Enable had a future vision when it was formed in 2007 that all local children would be learning and preparing themselves for being 21st century citizens over our world-class connectivity. This vision is now being realised. 

Empowering the delivery of essential public services

Enable and its retail partners work closely with a range of key public sector organisations to provide them with the fibre connectivity they need to deliver essential services to our community. Technology is at the heart of vision for 21st century service delivery across the public sector – including the likes of District Health Boards to local Councils.

Fibre connectivity and the capability it provides creates opportunities to deliver a whole range of services more efficiently or in new ways, and opportunities to connect with and deliver important support services to vulnerable members of our community.

All hospitals in Christchurch are connecting to Enable’s network, as are Council service centres, local libraries and recreation centres.

Underpinning Christchurch’s economic growth 

Christchurch is fast moving from a recovery environment to one of growth – and we are very aware of the role Enable needs to play in laying the digital foundations for growth. 

High quality connectivity is central to the Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan 2015-25. All Council activity is focused on achieving these defined community outcomes of a Liveable City, Strong Communities, Healthy Environment and Prosperous Economy. The delivery of world-class fibre infrastructure across greater Christchurch by Enable will have a dramatic impact on our community’s ability to realise these outcomes. 

Enable ensures it participates in discussions and local organisations that contribute to the future of our city. 

Enable has actively contributed to the development of a Digital Strategy for Canterbury. This strategy has been adopted and launched as a programme of work under the Mayoral Forum’s Canterbury Regional Economic Development Strategy. Enable remains a key participant in guiding the strategy as a member of the advisory group supporting implementation and is the key sponsor of one of the first initiatives (being led by Canterbury Development Corporation) aimed at educating small businesses on the potential of better connectivity. 

Enable is also a sponsor (by providing fibre connectivity) to GreenHouse – a Christchurch collaborative hub focused on supporting and commercialising small business. 

Looking after the local environment 

Enable’s fibre network itself makes a significant contribution to the environment by empowering local businesses and organisations to employ technology solutions to reduce their environmental footprint. 

In addition, the network is a highly sustainable ducting network expected to have a life-span of least 50 years. The network is a passive optical network which makes it incredibly efficient to run per connection. 

Through the network deployment phase, Enable designs the network to deploy to the maximum number of homes and businesses using the least amount of network duct and other infrastructure. The business primarily uses drilling and shallow-trenching methodologies that reduce the environmental impact of the deployment compared with traditional civil construction. 

In addition, Enable is committed to environmental sustainability across all business operations – including waste minimisation, active recycling and reduced energy consumption. 

Employment Opportunities 

The delivery of fibre broadband to the greater Christchurch community has created hundreds of new local jobs.

Today over 500 people work on building Enable’s network and connecting people to it. Find out about the opportunities we have for you to join them.