Flatting 101: How to avoid flat break downs and break ups

Cleaning rosters

Clean is king. It’s hard to be in a grumpy mood with your flatmates if a) they clean up after themselves and b) help keep shared spaces clean. Do your part to this equation for a happy home. A cleaning roster can work wonders to share the workload.


Keep to the rules

Music, parties, chores, visitors. All these things can cause issues if your standards are different to the person in the bedroom down the hall. These conversations are best had before problems arise. Chat together and set the standard, so you all know what to expect.


Know what's yours and stick to it

Some flats share the butter, others name it and protect it with their life. It’s tempting to nip a little here and there, but it adds up and can become quite annoying – don’t let it be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


Flat savings accounts

Some flats choose to pay a little above rent to cover bills and consumables to cover events like a big power bill or flat dinner. For example if your rent is $140 per week, and you all pay $160 – in a five-person flat that gives you $100 a week to cover bills and  might leave surplus for future events.


Don’t let your flat suffer from buffer

If you’re streaming different series and movies at once on your own devices – chances are the circle of death buffer will drive you all mad. Fibre broadband is perfect for busy households. Everyone can connect their devices at the same time without the internet slowing down.


To switch your flat to fibre, simply contact your internet service provider and demand Enable fibre broadband. Our blog, How To Get Your Rented Property Connected To Fibre Broadband might help!