Need help running your household these holidays?

The school holidays are always challenging, most of us are juggling the kids and work and we all know that running a household can be a full-time job.

It’s making sure there’s food on the table, homework and housework are being done, everyone’s schedules are coordinated, and the kids are getting from A to B safely and on time.

It can be a lot to think about, thankfully there are some incredible apps out there that can equip you with the tools to get organised. One we think is useful is the app ‘Our Home’, it allows you to manage tasks and events, create shared grocery lists and keeps your family organised.

It also gives you the ability to reward responsibility by creating incentives for when the kid’s complete housework and other tasks - basically a digitalised star chart.

It works by creating a profile for each member of your family and then it syncs your schedules sending reminders for upcoming events and alerts you when jobs such as housework (i.e. folding the washing) haven’t been done.

‘Our home’, simply aims at making everyday life easier for families by coordinating each member’s day, so that no one and nothing gets left behind. Something we could all use a hand with from time to time, especially during the school holidays!

You can read further about the apps functions by visiting their website here.