Home Consents Information

Occasionally we will need to get consent from some additional parties before we can connect your home to fibre broadband.

**Enable will help manage the consents process, so you do not need to approach your neighbours**


If your property is accessed by a shared driveway or you live in an apartment or other community administered by a body corporate, consent is needed before a fibre installation can be completed. 

If it’s a shared driveway, we’ll need consent from the owner of each property that has a legal entitlement to use the accessway. If you live in a rental property, approval must be sought by the property owner before installation can go ahead. 

The consents will allow us to: 

  • assess what work needs to be done in order to install our fibre broadband infrastructure and equipment at the property; 
  • install the required network infrastructure and equipment; 
  • maintain and service our network and equipment as required; and 
  • install infrastructure and equipment to other properties covered by the consent in the future.