Developers' guide

We've got specific information here just for developers, if you need information you can't find on this page please get in touch.

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Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) 

If you are building an MDU such as an office building, apartment, retirement village or other multiple unit building you should be looking to make it fibre ready – to ensure it is easy for future owners or tenants to connect. 

The best time to prepare for fibre broadband is before and during the construction phase. Enable provides a range of free services and information for businesses of any size. 

For more information please refer to our brochure: Preparing a New Commercial Building For Fibre Broadband. 

Call 0800 4 FIBRE to arrange a fibre network lead-in duct and to create a cabling installation plan for your building. 

For more detailed information including all wiring diagrams please see Enable's cabling installation standards. 


New Housing Subdivisions 

Business and home owners today expect first class telecommunications when they move into a new subdivision and many are becoming increasingly aware that fibre will be the primary telecommunications in the future. Fibre availability is now a factor in choosing a place to live or establish a business for many people. 

Enable wants to work with residential and commercial subdivision developers to bring fibre broadband services to new subdivisions within or close to our coverage area. 

Enable is already working with most developers to install fibre, but if you’re planning a new residential or commercial subdivision and you have not contacted us, please do so on 0800 4 FIBRE or

A full list of subdivisions where fibre broadband is being delivered can be found here and home owners and builders in new subdivisions need to prepare their buildings.