Preparing Your New Home Guide

If you are building or renovating there are a couple of things your builder needs to do to prepare your home for fibre broadband.

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1. Call 0800 4 FIBRE to get a free fibre lead-in 

Enable provides a free underground lead-in for almost all properties in our coverage area. We will install our red micro-tubing whilst the service trench is open. 

2. Install structured wiring and a home distribution box 

We recommend installing Cat6 ethernet cabling that travels out through a central hub called a home distribution box.

3. Install internal fibre conduit 

Make sure your electrician installs an internal fibre conduit from the outside of your house to your home distribution box.

Preparing a home for fibre checklist: 

  • Our builder, electrician or driveway contractor has called 0800 4 FIBRE to arrange red fibre ducting to be installed while the service trench is open or before a new driveway is laid 
  • We’re having structured Cat6 wiring installed 
  • A home distribution box is included in our house design 
  • Our electrician is including an internal fibre conduit in our house 
  • We’ve considered all the locations we need an Ethernet jack point in our house 
  • We’ve considered whether we need jack points for our telephones – or will use a telecommunications provider that provides specialist internet phones 
  • We’ve chosen an alarm system that’s designed to work over fibre 

For more detailed information including all wiring diagrams please see Enable's cabling installation standards.