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50,000 Christchurch locals are now connected to Enable Fibre Broadband

Christchurch’s fibre broadband services provider, Enable, has finished its financial year with over 50,000 customers connected to and enjoying the benefits of fibre broadband.


Improve your broadband for winter

Fibre broadband is the latest advancement in broadband technology and it offers a superior internet connection to your home, business or organisation – compared to other technologies. These benefits may be particularly noticeable or heightened during the winter months.


Questioning NZ’s actual fastest broadband cities

Claims by Chorus that it has the country’s top ten cities for ‘fast, fixed line broadband’ have been questioned by New Zealand’s three other Local Fibre Companies.


Fibre broadband providers urge people to upgrade for winter

Fibre broadband network providers Ultrafast Fibre, Northpower Fibre and Enable are expecting increased demand for fibre broadband connections this winter and so are urging households to get in early.


Spark partners with Enable to trial ‘street in a week’ fibre broadband installations in Christchurch

Spark and Enable have teamed up in a Christchurch trial of ‘street in a week’ – an initiative aimed at coordinating the upgrade to all homes in a neighbourhood who want fibre broadband with Spark, over the course of a week.


Enable extends coverage to more Christchurch fringe suburbs under UFB2

Christchurch fibre network provider, Enable is extending its fibre broadband coverage to reach four additional high-density urban areas on the fringe of Christchurch under the Government’s Ultra-fast Broadband extension initiative (UFB2).


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