FAQs - Fibre At Home

  • Will it cost me to get fibre installed at my home?

    We (Enable) offer FREE residential installations, no matter how long your driveway is. However, please be aware that some retailers may charge for the installation of their equipment so it is best to check with your preferred retailer when you go to switch to fibre broadband. 

  • Will I have to rewire my home?

    No. You can enjoy fibre broadband with your current home wiring. However if you are re-building or renovating it is a perfect time to future proof your home by following our wiring guide

  • Will my fibre broadband services work if there is a power cut?

    Your Fibre Broadband connection won't work in the event of a power cut – as the network equipment in your home requires power.


    One option is to purchase an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery unit as a backup in case of a power cut. A UPS is available from most major electronics retailers.


    Another option is to ensure you have a mobile phone as a backup.

  • Will Enable deploy to more areas than its current plan?

    Enable’s current coverage area is reflection of its current contract with the Government under the Ultra-fast Broadband Initiative. We need to remain focused on delivering on this contract in the short-term.


    Once we have finished, we will be able to look at other commercially viable deployment opportunities.

  • Can I get my home installation done in the weekend?

    Yes, we do have Saturday installation dates available and we can book one for you.


    Please note that Saturday installations are extremely popular and you may need to wait a little longer to get your installation complete if you elect for a Saturday installation.

  • Is fibre broadband really faster than the old copper broadband?

    Yes. Fibre will currently provide 30Mbps-1G download and 10-500Mbps upload. Customers can enjoy broadband speeds over our network that are many times faster than the old residential copper services. 

  • Is fibre broadband more reliable than the old copper broadband?

    Fibre is more reliable than copper services. It is capable of providing a more consistent performance – including retaining high broadband speeds at peak times. Our fibre network is brand new infrastructure that will provide maximum uninterrupted performance. 

  • Can I use the modem/router and other equipment I have now for my fibre broadband or do I need to replace it?

    Some existing WiFi routers can connect to the fibre network and many retailers offer a free fibre router as part of their packages. Talk to your broadband retailer about the option that is best for you. 

  • Will my existing telephone work?

    Modern telephones that require a separate power source (such as cordless phones) will still work. Analogue (corded) telephones that plug straight into an existing phone jack will not work on the new network. 

  • Will my internet slow down at peak times and when other people are online at the same time like my current copper broadband does?

    No. Fibre broadband provides a far more consistent connection even with multiple devices connected in your home at the same time. This means you can watch, listen, play, post, work and chat all at the same time without any impact on your service. 

  • Will existing services such as home alarms and Sky TV work over fibre broadband?

    In many cases, your existing services will work over fibre or will require some simple reconfiguration. This does depend on the specific services and who you choose as your broadband retailer. Your broadband retailer or the company that provides the specific service should be able to give you more information on this.