Network Outages


There are currently no outages on our network.


We'll post an alert on our website (this appears as a orange banner along the top of the page) and our Facebook page as soon as we experience a major outage on our fibre network.

If you believe there's an outage that we're not aware of, please report this to your internet service provider so they can log the fault with us.

You can also find this information in our Help Centre.

We're upgrading our network


As part of our continued work to keep our network performing at its best, we’re completing some network upgrades between August and November 2023. 


To complete the upgrade, customers in our coverage area may experience a one off 30-minute outage within the above date range. To reduce any disruption, this will occur between 11pm-6am  four nights every week - Monday to Thursday.


Should you experience an outage, and your connection has not reinstated, restart your network equipment. The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) should be plugged in, the and power light illuminated to indicate it’s turned on, and a steady GPON light to indicate it is connected to the Enable network. Your internet service provider’s modem should also be restarted. 


If you have any questions or you have experienced a fault, please contact your internet service provider.