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Check out your online self this Cyber Smart Week

Reckon there’s nothing worth hackers finding about you online? Why would anyone bother trying to figure out your password? The truth is, hackers don’t target a specific individual or organisation. They just look for easy ways to find information online that they can use to their advantage. It doesn’t matter who it belongs to.

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WATCH: fibre broadband installation - what to expect

If you're wondering what's involved in getting fibre broadband installed at your home (if you haven't already had it installed) - take three minutes to watch this video, with real-life installation and reinstatements

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Online consent forms are here

Property owners and neighbours with shared driveways and multi dwelling units can now provide consent for fibre broadband in just a few clicks

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Fibre broadband installation - for business


Fibre broadband installation - for home


4 steps to improve your fibre broadband performance