Defending yourself in the age of AI-enhanced phishing scams

At Enable, we understand the vital role connectivity plays in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. In a world that’s becoming increasingly connected, the need for a robust and secure online environment cannot be overstated.

That's why, in honour of Cyber Security Week, we've partnered with CERT NZ to continue the kōrero (discussion) on phishing scams – by shedding light on the growing impact of AI-enhanced phishing, and how you can stay vigilant against it.


The rise of AI-enhanced phishing scams:

Phishing scams have been a longstanding threat in the digital landscape. They involve cybercriminals masquerading as trusted entities to deceive individuals into revealing sensitive information or clicking on malicious links. In recent years, AI has given these scams a dangerous new twist. Here's how:


Personalization: AI can analyse data from social media, emails, and other sources to create highly personalised phishing messages. These messages appear more convincing and are tailored to the individual's interests and preferences.


Polished content: AI can generate realistic, grammatically correct text, making phishing emails and websites appear more legitimate than ever before.


Real-time adaptation: AI allows scammers to adapt their tactics in , responding to a victim's actions to increase the chances of success.


Bypassing traditional filters: AI-driven phishing attacks can bypass traditional email security filters by constantly evolving their tactics.


How to be vigilant against AI-enhanced phishing scams:

As the threat of AI-enhanced phishing scams continues to grow, it's crucial to stay vigilant. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:


Stay informed: Educate yourself about the latest phishing scams, including AI-enhanced ones. Awareness is the first line of defence.


Verify requests: Always verify requests for sensitive information, even if they seem to come from a trusted source. Contact the requester through established communication channels to confirm the request's legitimacy.


Use email filters: Implement email filtering and security solutions that can identify and block suspicious emails.


Keep software updated: Ensure all your systems, software, and security tools are up to date. Cybersecurity patches often fix vulnerabilities that scammers may exploit.


Trust your instincts: If something feels off or too good to be true, trust your instincts. Don't hesitate to verify, question, or double-check any request or offer.


We’re proud to collaborate with CERT NZ to provide you with valuable insights into the world of AI-enhanced phishing scams. They offer extensive resources, including guidelines and tips to protect individuals from these evolving threats. For more information and expert advice, visit CERT NZ's official page on AI phishing scams: CERT NZ AI Phishing Scams.

In this age of rapidly advancing technology, Enable is committed to helping our community navigate the digital landscape safely. By staying informed and vigilant, we can continue to enjoy the benefits of the digital age while safeguarding our online security.

Together, we can make Ōtautahi (Christchurch) and New Zealand a safer place for all in the digital world.