Becoming a Certified B Corporation

Here at Enable we’re proud to be one of 263 companies (and counting) across Aotearoa in the B CorpTM family. As a B Corp in the telecommunications industry, we’re counted among businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

We’re now part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. This significant milestone not only reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship but also sets a new benchmark for the telecommunications sector as a whole in New Zealand.

Understanding B Corp certification

B Corp certification is an internationally recognised standard for businesses that prioritise social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. To become a certified B Corp, a company must undergo a rigorous assessment of its impact on various stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and the environment. This certification goes beyond profit-making and ensures that a business meets high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Every three years we must reapply for certification and are already working to improve our score when we re-certify in 2026. We are committed to ever evolving and bettering ourselves as leaders in the movement of using business as a force for good.


Why we aspired to become B Corp certified

Enable has grown over the last 16 years, now connecting over 200,000 households in our region to fibre. We recognise that our relationship with the community goes beyond the products or services we offer, and we have a responsibility to be transparent, honest, and accountable when it comes to our sustainable practices and community engagement.

Our journey toward B Corp certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility and provides a tool to define and align areas for improvement across our business in the future.


Environmental stewardship

We’ve adopted a comprehensive approach to reduce our environmental impact. From the outset, we have recognised the strong environmental benefits of our fibre network – it’s estimated to use approximately 60-80% less energy than copper.

Through substantial investments in solar panels, we’re reducing our electricity consumption across our Central Office’s (COs), representing a saving of approximately 20% of our COs total energy requirements.

We have focused on areas such as our Greenhouse Gas emissions, as well as working collaboratively with our lead delivery partner, Civtec, to reduce fuel and waste emissions.

Through the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and responsible waste management practices (our office has a Green Star 4 rating), we have significantly reduced our carbon emissions and waste generation.

We’re working in partnership with Christchurch City Holdings Ltd (CCHL) and our sibling companies within the CCHL Group to develop a group emissions reduction plan and group offset strategy, which will be key in helping us move to a net zero emissions business by 2030.


Community engagement

Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond our business operations. We actively engage with local communities and support initiatives that foster education and digital inclusion. By collaborating with schools, non-profit organisations, and community groups, we have made a positive difference in the lives of people across Canterbury. Examples include our Christchurch Free Wi-Fi service, delivered in partnership with Christchurch City Council, and partnering with ŌCHT to support solutions for its tenants.


Employee wellbeing and ethical practices

We recognise that our employees are instrumental in driving positive change. We have prioritised fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, ensuring equal opportunities for all. By maintaining our position as a living wage organisation, offering comprehensive benefits (such as flexible working, paid parental leave, leave purchasing, sustainability allowance), and professional development opportunities, we promote employee wellbeing and satisfaction. Our commitment to ethical practices extends to our supply chain, ensuring that our partners adhere to the same high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and employee wellbeing showcases the transformative power of responsible business practices. By achieving B Corp certification, we have demonstrated that telecommunications companies can become key drivers of social and environmental change. As we move forward, it is crucial for more businesses in the sector to embrace this responsibility and work toward a more sustainable and inclusive world.

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