Christchurch Free WiFi



We’re excited to announce that Christchurch Free Wi-Fi is here! We’ve partnered with the Christchurch City Council to launch a new free Wi-Fi service as part of our shared smart city vision for making our Christchurch central city a great place to visit.

The new service is powered by us here at Enable and is built on our gigabit fibre broadband, which means it’s set to deliver a truly exceptional Wi-Fi experience for our community as well as visitors to Christchurch.

Gone are the days of running out of data or connecting to other free Wi-Fi services which drop out and can be unreliable. With Christchurch Free Wi-Fi you’ll be able to stream by the river and stay connected.

Connect on the way to Riverside Market for lunch, during a break at a Te Pae event or when in the city during the Tiirama Mai lighting festival on right now to celebrate Matariki.


How to connect


To connect, select Christchurch Free on your device, review the Terms & Conditions, and then select Get Online. It’s that easy!  You don’t need to provide any details to connect.

If you have any further questions about Christchurch Free Wi-Fi, please head to our Help Centre where we’ll do our best to answer them.

Christchurch City Wi-Fi Coverage Area Map