Apps which make life easier

We love how technology and online platforms can make life that little bit easier, especially when they simplify everyday tasks or send you helpful reminders. Here is a list of a few of the online services and apps that we think you will find useful too.

Christchurch Bins App –

The Christchurch Wheelie Bins app makes it easy to set reminders for when your rubbish and recycling collections days are and provides a convenient search bar that allows you to look up items for disposal information. If you’re constantly forgetting to take your bins out, then this app will send you friendly reminders.

Park mate –

A hassle-free way to pay for your parking. The app uses your phone’s GPS and Google maps to track where your car is parked as well as help find an empty car park when you’re looking for one. The most useful aspect of the app is that you no longer have to estimate how long you want to park for as you control the length of time by the start/stop button.

Tixel –

Want to buy or sell a ticket to an upcoming concert? Tixel does both by allowing a fan-to-fan transaction that safeguards your purchase by verifying the ticket when it’s uploaded and caps prices so it’s a fair trade. Never be ripped off again by some dodgy dealer looking to scam you.

1Password –

Have too many passwords to remember? 1password is essentially a bank that saves and protects all your passwords in one file so that when you go to login to whichever app it automatically fills your details for you, so you don’t have to try and remember numerous passwords.

Banking Apps -

No matter which bank you’re with, they all have their own mobile app or online service that makes making payments and transferring your funds between accounts convenient and simple. Being able to access your banking at your fingertips means you don’t need to go out of your way to visit a bank. It’s a handy way of managing money while travelling too!

Google Maps -

Although it may seem an obvious one, Google maps is one of the most useful services there are. Gone are the days of attempting to read a map, making a wrong turn and having to start over again. Google maps guides you to your destination by selecting the shortest route and giving you an estimate of how long It should take to get there - directing you along the way to ensure you reach your destination safely.


People worldwide are engaging in video games on an entirely different level. Instead of simply partaking in the games they are participating by watching the games the same way you would watch a Rugby game.

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overseas v2

The cold weather often has us feeling blue, which results in booking holidays to escape the winter season. Perhaps your friend, relative or partner is heading overseas for a vacation and you aren’t sure of the best way to keep in touch? Overseas international calls can be very expensive, but if you have a fast and reliable internet connection like fibre then keeping in touch is a breeze.

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