Fibre broadband superior during winter

The benefits of fibre may be particularly noticeable or heightened during the winter months.

Fibre broadband is the latest advancement in broadband technology. It offers a superior internet connection to your home, business or organisation, compared to other technologies. 

You may have noticed that your family spends more time inside on connected devices during the cold and wet months. Not only can fibre withstand environmental factors like rain or cold temperatures, it allows for quicker downloads and uploads, multiple devices can be connected without issues, and it offers a consistent and reliable online experience for your whole family.

What's more, everyone else on your street probably spends more time indoors working, shopping, streaming movies or browsing the web when it is cold. Fibre broadband connections aren't impacted during peak times when lots of people are using the network – and it's during increased demand like this, when a reliable and fast internet connection is essential.

Switching to fibre broadband may instantly resolve any issues you and your family are having doing the things you want online or improve your internet experience.

If you're a Christchurch family, business, school, healthcare facility or community organisation, there's a good chance Enable fibre broadband is available at your place.

Almost 100,000 customers are already connected – meaning businesses and organisations are connecting to customers and delivering services in different ways. Families are living connected lives on their terms and children are embracing new ways to learn.

The Leighs family – Chris, Gemma and their three kids – all live connected lives and understand how important continuity of online access has become. They're constantly on their devices doing different things so need the best broadband available, especially when poor weather restricts the family to staying indoors.

Chris says, "We've got movies streaming – the kids will be watching one channel and we'll be watching another channel. We'll have music going as well and there will always be someone browsing something."

Ultra-fast fibre broadband is the best broadband solution available today, and with winter upon us now is an excellent time to upgrade.

If you think your family could enjoy the benefits the Leighs family are with fibre broadband, read our three steps on how to connect to fibre broadband. 




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