How cleaning our cabinets has a positive impact in our community

Graffiti is an issue we tend to run into quite often here at Enable and although it’s not directly fibre broadband related, it does impact our business, property and more importantly our community. Our business is based around community, as we’re Christchurch owned and operated meaning, we really value making a positive impact where we can.

Most of us would agree that tagging creates eyesores in our community that can be difficult to control and monitor.

That’s why here at Enable we’re doing our part to minimise the impact of tagging on our community. We’ve partnered with an organisation called PEEEP (People Empowerment and Environmental Enhancement Programme), who ensure the graffiti on our cabinets is being removed efficiently, whilst also delivering positive outcomes to our community and its people.

PEEEP is a Christchurch based organisation that works closely with individuals who are facing challenges with mental illness, have a physical disability or have been unemployed for some time. Their aim is to get those individuals out in the Christchurch community volunteering on a range of environmentally based projects that contribute towards improving and sustaining our City.

These projects range from maintaining beach accessways to pro-bono gardening jobs for elderly and disabled clients. Largely, their work involves graffiti removal from public property, which is where we come in to play. Early last year we decided to partner with PEEEP after seeing the benefits of their work in the local community.

The relationship creates consistent work for PEEEP which enables them to carry out their volunteer program, providing benefits for those involved. Manager of PEEEP Chris Webber says, “The program is extremely beneficial, as it gives those suffering from a mental illness a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” Chris himself started out as a volunteer for PEEEP 23 years ago, when he too was going through some mental health issues. He adds “It gave me a real sense of purpose and has allowed me to see the true benefits for other individuals.”

Volunteer work is incredibly valuable for any individual, especially those suffering from a mental illness as it provides structure in a person’s day, allowing those individuals to get outside, exercise and socially interact with others. It also creates the feeling of fulfillment which in turn improves mental health. They gain valuable skills on a variety of jobs which can then be added to their CV and assist with getting a job once they move on from PEEEP.

At Enable one of our core values is ‘Show the love’ - this encourages us to care for each other, our customers, our community and the environment. Partnering with PEEEP means we’re supporting them in empowering people in our community and enabling those people to better themselves, with the bonus of keeping our environment tidy.

Additionally, we gain a wonderful relationship with yet another Christchurch organisation that is making a positive impact in our community!



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