Planning on moving homes?

If you want to continue streaming your entertainment and sport in HD, gaming at high speeds or video calling with no interruptions you’ll want to stay on fibre at your new address. Here’s how:

Step 1: Before you move check if fibre is available or perhaps already connected at your new home. You can do this by simply visiting and using the search panel to ‘check your address.’

Step 2: Simply contact your chosen internet provider and let them know you want Enable fibre broadband at your new address.  They may try and offer you other services but if you want the fastest, most reliable and future proofed broadband then stay on Enable fibre. You’ll ideally need to give them at least three weeks’ notice before you move to ensure you can change or upgrade your plan at your new address. If you inform them of your move-in date, they can help set up your fibre on or around that date.

Step 3: Move into your new home and enjoy your fresh fibre connection. If you run into any problems, then please get in touch with your internet provider as they handle your connection once it’s up and running.

A friendly tip!

It’s always a big job moving homes - it can be a stressful task, especially when you’re packing everything into boxes and making sure you haven’t left anything behind.

However, just like your kitchen sink you can’t take your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box and its power adaptor with you. For most homes, the ONT (either a white or black box) will be attached to a wall in your home, with your Wi-Fi modem plugged into it – a good place to check is behind the TV. In newer homes, it may be in a home distribution box – likely situated in an accessible place inside your home or garage.

Enable owns the ONT and we’ll use it to connect the next residents in your home. So please leave it plugged in and ready to go. Don’t worry we’ll provide you a new ONT for your new home or there will be one waiting for you if your new home has been connected to fibre before.

Don’t mistake this for your modem which is supplied by your internet provider. Your Wi-Fi modem is kept inside your home, this will have your internet providers branding on it. Unlike the ONT your Wi-Fi modem is yours to keep and can be taken with you to your new residence.




We’ve been working for some time helping our community get a better broadband experience by switching to fibre broadband. You are one of the 100,000 plus customers enjoying our fibre broadband services today.

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