Where’s a tech geek when you need one?

Our homes are increasingly filled with tech gadgets and gizmos that are great when they work and a real pain in the neck when they go wrong.

When our technology stops working the way it’s supposed to, we often rely on tech-savvy friends and family to help us out – but they’re not always available.

At Enable we want to help. We want to ensure all our customers can get the best possible internet and online experience from our fibre broadband – and that can mean making sure the devices and services you are using over your fibre broadband connection are working properly.

A Geeks on Wheels expert can inspect your fibre broadband service by checking the speeds you are getting and that your Wi-Fi modem is working the way it’s supposed to. They can check that your devices – including PCs, tablets, smart phones and Smart TVs – are set up properly or they can set new devices up for you.

The team at Geeks on Wheels are friendly, expert technicians who keep it simple for anyone that doesn’t want to be baffled by techie talk and they can offer some great tips for if things go wrong in the future. To find out more visit Geeks on Wheels.

If you want to check a few things yourself, before calling in the experts, we’ve also put together some useful troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Remember though, if you think there’s a fault issue with your broadband service, you should always contact your internet service provider in the first instance to get the issue resolved.