World Emoji Day - and the new Emojis

Have you been on Facebook today? Well you might have seen a friendly reminder that it’s World Emoji Day. Yes, the 17th of July is the day the world comes together to celebrate… emojis.

Have you noticed the calendar emoji displays the World Emoji Day date EVERYDAY?

To celebrate, Apple announced today 70 new Emojis to be released in the iOS 12 update due later this year. We can all look forward to Emojis to be more inclusive of people with red hair, grey hair and curly hair, even those with no hair!

The fun doesn’t stop there – our friends over the ditch will be happy with the creation of a kangaroo to compliment the existing koala bear emoji. There has not been any word whether or not a Kiwi bird to be added to the mix but we might need to settle for the superhero Emojis in the meantime.


Among the new emojis include a lobster, a mango, a cold face emoji and a peacock.


View the Apple media release, Apple celebrates World Emoji Day.


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19 September 2018

Providing consent for your tenanted property or shared accessway has never been easier.

how to prepare for a plan appointment 1

Getting Enable fibre broadband connected at your property requires bringing the fibre duct from the street up to your home. It’s usually pretty straight forward, but there are some decisions that need to be made.

The Enable technician that visits your property at the Plan appointment will talk through the following options – and help you make the best decisions.

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