Making your development fibre-ready

If you’re working in new subdivisions or building multi-dwelling units (MDUs), you can begin preparing for fibre as part of the plan for your development. 


We’ll work with you to keep you updated on progress, and ensure each property is ready to be connected as soon as the keys are handed over to the new owner. 


We’ve worked hard to provide simplicity and certainty by offering a fixed-price fibre installation to all developers in our coverage area. There's also a promotional 'free fibre installation offer' if you're building within Christchurch's four avenues. The offer can be found in our Help Centre.


Contact Enable to let us know about your upcoming project. Together, we’ll plan and scope the best approach to get fibre installed at your development.

Contact Enable


As per our agreed plan, we’ll complete all external work required to bring fibre to each of your properties/units.


Enable install Optical Network Terminals (ONT) in each unit so they are fibre-ready for occupiers.



Contact Enable via our webform (or call us on 0800 434 273), to let us know of any upcoming developments that will require fibre broadband. Any supporting information you can provide through the webform will allow us to start our planning work as soon as possible. This includes attachments like site/trench layouts/images, lay plans or council approved address data for your development.

Once we’ve received your request, we'll help you prepare the property/s for fibre. We’ll work with you to:


  • Plan and design how we’ll bring fibre to each of your properties/units

  • Determine the best approach when it comes to connecting each property/unit
  • Quote the cost involve, and provide you with a contract. If you're a developer building a multi-dwelling unit, we have a standardised pricing offer. You can find more information in our Help Centre.

  • Agree on a timeline

We'll also require the following information before we can proceed with step 2 of the installation process, the Build:

  • The Network Extensions and Alterations Policy (NEAA) specific requirements
  • Council address approval


Cabling installation standards: 

We recommend installing Cat6 ethernet cabling that travels out through a central hub called a home distribution box. Please note the home distribution box can be affected by heat so don't install it in the ceiling or where it can be susceptible to high temperatures. Make sure you install an internal fibre conduit from the outside of the house to the home distribution box. For more detailed information including all wiring diagrams please see Enable's cabling installation standards.  



Once the Planning phase is complete and the contract is signed, we’ll begin the external work required to bring fibre to each of your properties/units. 


We’ll work closely with you throughout the Build process, to keep you updated on progress and ensure you’re ready for your final clearance by Council under Section 224 of the Resource Management Act 1991.


Trench specifications:

During the Build, Enable can install our red micro-tubing from the boundary drop point (we will identify this location during the Planning phase) to the external wall of the property whilst a service trench is open. When requesting a pro-active service lead-in please provide 48 hours' notice, as well as the length of the trench. The trench should be open and accessible for our team when they arrive on site.

Please note we require specific industry-standard trench specifications to be met. For details on our requirements, you can read more information in our Help Centre.



If you're building a multi-dwelling unit, it's during this step that we’ll install our Optical Network Terminal (ONT) in each unit so it’s fibre ready for occupiers.

With Enable fibre broadband already installed in their home, future tenants/owners simply need to call their preferred internet service provider and ask to be connected. Enable can then activate the connection remotely on their chosen date.

To support the new tenants/owners, we have leaflets as well as a door-to-door team that will emphasise that no installation is required to get the incredible speed, capacity, and reliability of Enable fibre broadband.