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Before undertaking excavation works, finding the location of Enable's network is important to avoid any damage to the fibre network. 

Our maps provide accurate locational data of where our infrastructure on the road network lies, as well as if the area is a high-risk zone or if the cables are shallower than usual. After receiving your network plan, you may also request an Enable representative to be on site during the excavation process.


If you wish to obtain this information, you will need to either: 

  • self-serve the information via our maps portal below, refer to the ‘Enable map portal quick guide’ for more information (no login required); or  
  • complete a webform to request the information if you’re not confident with the self-serve option. This option has a two working day response time. Click here to be taken to the webform.


If you’re looking to get connected to Enable fibre, you can check if your address is within our coverage area here. To view Enable’s coverage map, click here.  


If you need any assistance, you can call Enable on 0800 434 273 between 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

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