Connect to the fastest, most reliable internet.^

Run your business faster and smarter.


Whether you just use email, transfer data between offices or run an internet business; fibre broadband will make it easier for you to do what you want online. Fibre provides consistently reliable and fast internet, no matter what time of day or demands put on the network.


If you are yet to get your business connected to fibre, now's the time.

Save money today

Internet-based voice and cloud solutions running over fibre broadband may mean you can reduce a range of business expenses, including calling and phone line costs. Fibre provides fewer delays, faster access to critical data and a higher level of security.


Connect with customers in new ways

Make social media, your website, video conferencing or smart devices a bigger part of your business with a better broadband service. The reliability of fibre means you will not notice any slowing down or loss of productivity through internet downtime.


Reduce spending on IT hardware

A high-quality fibre service makes it easy to move your business IT offsite or into the cloud – from your email server through secure data storage and processing, to hosting your website. No more buying hardware and keeping it in your office.


Future proof your business

Once your business is connected to fibre broadband, you may be able to more easily and quickly take advantage of any future technology solution that could benefit your business and plan big. Fibre is flexible and scalable.

Proven Performance

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission is constantly measuring the speed and reliability the different types of broadband internet.


Time after time, fibre is first:

*Source: Commerce Commission’s Measuring broadband reports.

^ Based on combined average upload and download speeds. Commerce Commission's Measuring Broadband reports.