Connect to the fastest, most reliable broadband*


Future-proof your home with a free** fibre broadband installation.

The internet is an essential tool for modern living and fibre broadband provides the fastest, most reliable internet service in the Christchurch area.


If you’re yet to get connected to fibre, now's the time.

Consistent and reliable

Everyone at home can connect all at the same time, without any loss of quality.


Ultrafast speed

Fibre is the best option for video calling and streaming TV, movies and sports in the highest quality.


Get more bang for your buck

Enable fibre is free to install* and costs around the same monthly price as ADSL and VDSL broadband.



Ensure your home has the most modern and sustainable broadband technology available for when it comes to sell.

Proven performance


New Zealand’s Commerce Commission is constantly measuring the speed and reliability of the different types of broadband internet.


Time after time, fibre is first:

Source: Commerce Commission’s Measuring broadband reports.

What is fibre best for?

Streaming Entertainment

Stream TV, movies, sports and music in the highest quality

Online Gaming

Less glitches, less lagging with an ultra-fast connection

Best for video calling

Smoothest video calling with family & friends or work meetings

More users, more devices

Perfect for busy households. Everyone in the house can connect all at the same time, without any loss of quality.

**Based on combined average upload and download speeds. Commerce Commission’s Measuring Broadband reports.

**Enable does not charge for Standard Residential Installations within our UFB Coverage Area. Visit for terms & conditions. Some internet providers may charge a connection fee.