Consents information

Consents Information


Occasionally we need consent from additional parties before we can connect your home or business to fibre broadband.


If you live in an apartment or dwelling administered by a body corporate, or you’re renting your property, consent is required before fibre broadband can be installed.

This is also the case if your business is in a multi-owner building, or your premises is leased.

Those needing to provide their consent can use the buttons to submit the relevant consent form online, or they can download and print the forms.


Consents allow us to: 

  • Assess what work is required to install fibre broadband infrastructure and equipment at the property; 
  • maintain and service our network and equipment as required; and 
  • install infrastructure and equipment to other properties covered by the consent in the future.

Shared accessways and private right of ways


To install fibre broadband to homes and businesses that share an accessway or private right of way with other properties, we need to first do some work to bring our network from the street to the boundary of each property in the accessway.

You can read more about what’s involved on our property access page.