I'm moving

Planning on moving home?

If you want to continue streaming your entertainment and sport in HD, gaming at high speeds, or video calling with no interruptions you’ll want to stay on fibre at your new address.


We recommend planning ahead so you can enjoy fast, reliable internet from day one in your new home. 


Follow the three steps below to stay connected: 

Before you move

Check if fibre is available at your new home and contact your service provider.

Check your address

Leave the network equipment behind

Leave behind your Optical Network Terminal.

Plug in your modem

Move in, plug in, and enjoy fibre in your new home


Before you move

Before you move, check if fibre is available at your new home address. 


If there is an existing fibre connection, you’ll simply need to contact your preferred internet provider and let them know you want fibre broadband at your new address. You’ll need to give them at least three weeks' notice before your move-in day to ensure the broadband is up and running in time.


If fibre is available but yet to be installed, you will follow our three step installation process. This will need to occur after the settlement date, once property ownership is in your hands. If you are renting, you will require landlord consent. 


Leave your Optical Network Terminal behind

If you have fibre at your current property, you don't need to take your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box and its power adaptor with you. This is the small box your modem plugs into. 


Enable owns the ONT and we’ll use it to connect the next residents in your home - so please leave it plugged in and ready to go. 


There will be an existing ONT at your new address if it’s already connected to fibre, otherwise one will be installed by our technicians when we connect the address. Contact us if there are any issues at the new house, we are available to assist.  


Plug in your modem

Move into your new home, plug in your modem and enjoy your fresh fibre connection.


If you run into any problems, then please get in touch with your internet service provider as they manage your connection once it’s up and running.