Choose an internet service provider

Choosing an internet service provider

Enable are a local fibre network wholesaler. That means we build and install the broadband network for Greater Christchurch, and your internet service provider delivers their broadband services over our network.

To get fibre broadband to your home or business, you need to place an order with an internet service provider (ISP), or retailer. You can do this through your current ISP, or switch to any of the providers we work with below.

If you would like assistance from an Enable Fibre Ambassador, please fill out our online web form and we'll get you started on your order journey.

The first step to getting fibre, regardless of what type of installation is required, is placing an order through an internet service provider. 

Looking for Hyperfibre services? 

Enable fibre broadband is about to get a whole lot faster with Hyperfibre. If you're interested in Hyperfibre and want to know when it will be available with Enable, please register for updates.

Request your free* fibre broadband installation

If you are interested in ordering fibre broadband, it's best to contact your preferred internet service provider.

If you would like assistance from an Enable Fibre Ambassador, you can lodge your request via our online web form and we'll get you started on your order journey. 

*Enable does not charge for Standard Residential Installations. Visit for terms & conditions. Some internet providers may charge a connection fee.