Media Release

2022 wrapped up

With the start of 2023 well underway we have taken a moment to reflect on some of the achievements and milestones reached last year by our outstanding Enable team. Network extensions, new addresses connected, and new addresses being added to the network ensured our team were busy all year round, and from the buzz in the office, it looks like we will continue to be busy this year. And we love it. 

During 2022 we connected over 10,000 addresses which haven’t previously had fibre. That's connecting, on average, over 30 NEW addresses to fibre each day. It was a busy year for our connections team. 

We added nearly the same number of addresses to our network during 2022. These houses haven’t had fibre available to them, and we found solutions to be able to bring our fibre to their property. The nearly 10,000 new addresses added to the network is an increase on previous years growth, which highlights our communities desire to have a reliable internet connection that meets the needs of living in 2023. 

In addition to the connections, we also extended our network which means digging, installing, and extending our fibre to areas that were outside our original scope. An additional 500km of network was installed during 2022. It has been great to be able to continue to grow our footprint and bring fibre to new addresses and areas. 

The increase in demand for new networks to be built and for new connections highlights the desire and preference for fibre within our area. Our community know that fibre is the best option. 

We’re always working on ways to continue to expand our footprint and to bring fibre to the communities not yet connected, while ensuring the needs of our current customers are met. We are working on upgrades alongside our network extensions to continue to bring our vital infrastructure to as much of Ōtautahi as possible.   


We plan to bring faster, more reliable broadband to as many people as we can.