90,000 greater Christchurch fibre broadband customers set for faster speeds

Christchurch fibre broadband provider, Enable, has announced that most home fibre broadband users across the region will receive a free performance upgrade. 

Enable is aiming to increase the speed of around 90,000 home connections on either its 100 or 200 megabit per second (Mbps) fibre service. Enable will be ready to upgrade customers from 1 December 2021 and is working closely with internet providers to be able to pass the upgrade to customers as quickly as possible. 

These customers will be upgraded to a new 300Mbps download fibre broadband service. The new service also includes a 100Mbps upload speed, which means many of these customers will also see better upload performance – important for online learning and working from home.  

“We’re seeing an ever-increasing demand for fast, reliable, and high-performing home broadband services and the average family or household is using our fibre broadband more and more,” said Enable Chief Executive, Johnathan Eele.  

“We’re now seeing Enable customers using around 500 Gigabytes of data per month, which is an increase of 33% in the last year.” 

Enable’s mantra is to ensure our services always stay ahead of the needs of the Christchurch community.  

“Local customers need complete confidence that their fibre broadband service will support them to do all the things they want online. It’s time for another step change in the performance of the average family fibre broadband service to meet the increased use and demand we are seeing,” said Mr Eele.  

The upgrade to the 300Mbps fibre service will mean the standard home fibre service in Christchurch is 10 times faster than it was 10 years ago when Enable launched residential fibre broadband.  

“Greater Christchurch residents should make sure their broadband is provided over Enable fibre – so they are on the best performing broadband service and are in the best position to enjoy even faster speeds,” added Mr Eele. 

“Our recommendation to local fibre customers is to shop around as there are lots of great deals out there for fibre broadband plans that will soon be upgraded to this faster service.”  

Local fibre broadband customers should check their plan and deal options with their internet provider or use a service like Broadband Compare (https://www.broadbandcompare.co.nz) that provides easy to access information on a range of broadband deals from a variety of internet providers.