Enable pays $18 million dividend – its first to the Christchurch community

Local fibre broadband provider, Enable, has returned an $18 million dividend to Christchurch City and, ultimately, to the people of Christchurch.  

“Providing our first dividend is Enable delivering on a 10-year promise made when we began our city-wide fibre broadband network roll-out,” said Enable CEO, Steve Fuller. 

This important milestone in the growth of Enable highlights the unique value the business delivers as a community-owned asset worth well over $600 million.  

“We deliver the very best available fibre broadband services to more than 132,000 local homes and businesses, and we give back directly to our community through social and financial dividends. Our community benefits from Enable in many ways,” says Mr Fuller. 

Enable was originally established to ensure Christchurch had greater access to fibre connectivity that would support the growth of the city.  

“This vision has now been realised, with the vast majority of our community benefiting from Enable’s fibre broadband services to do all the things they want online – run businesses, connect with friends and family, teach and learn, access essential services and be entertained,” adds Mr Fuller. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic presented considerable uncertainty for the year and Enable expected to have 127,500 customers connected to fibre broadband at 30 June 2021. The dividend is more than expectations set last year due to a larger number of the Christchurch community connecting to Enable fibre broadband. 

“We continue to see high demand for fibre broadband services with order volumes continuing to be very strong. It is evident that our community clearly understands the value of fibre broadband, and knows a fast, reliable and high-performance fibre broadband service is essential,” says Mr Fuller. 

“I would like to say thank you to our community for supporting Enable by demanding fibre broadband services from internet providers and urge people to continue to make sure they are connected to Enable fibre broadband and enjoying the best possible internet experience.” 

In the coming year, Enable will continue to build on its strong financial position and connection to the local community to deliver even more value. This will be achieved by delivering excellent service to existing customers, connecting more customers, and targeting future social and financial dividends. The business will also invest in innovative initiatives aimed at improving digital equity, driving sustainability outcomes, and returning economic and social value to Christchurch.  

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