Enable places hold on all wholesale fibre broadband price increases and offers free suspension option for business services

Christchurch fibre broadband network provider, Enable, has placed a hold on any wholesale fibre broadband price increases until at least 1 October 2020 in order to reduce the risk of Christchurch families facing increased fibre broadband costs during this challenging time.

“We’re really keen to ensure we can do our bit to support our community during this time when many of them could face significant financial hardship,” said Enable CEO, Steve Fuller.

Enable has committed to all internet service providers who purchase Enable’s wholesale services, in order to deliver fibre broadband to Christchurch homes and businesses, that there will be no price increase for the next six months.

Each year, network providers assess their current product prices against the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and other operational factors and announce any inflationary price increases that will take effect from 1 July of that year.

“We’re hoping that our move to hold prices will provide support to the internet service providers so that can avoid increasing costs to consumers in our community,” said Mr Fuller.

In addition, Enable has introduced a new service suspension option for support greater Christchurch businesses. Internet service providers can contact Enable to suspend business connections, where a business is not currently able to operate. Enable will waiver termination notice periods and any reconnection fees.

“We’re hoping this will provide more options for internet service providers to support their customers by waiving charges to businesses if they need to temporarily disconnect a fibre service during this challenging time,” said Mr Fuller.

“We know how important a good quality fibre broadband service is to families and businesses, particularly at the moment. We want to ensure we help our community maintain their quality fibre service by not placing extra cost burdens on them.”

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Christchurch fibre broadband network provider, Enable, has announced that it will resume connecting most customers to fibre broadband under Alert Level 3 and will continue to adopt important health and safety controls in doing so. This decision is in line with Government expectations of the communications industry under Alert Level 3.

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The people of Christchurch own their world-class fibre broadband network and it is delivering the essential service the 115,000 connected households and businesses need during the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lock-down. Christchurch fibre customers can be confident that they can use their broadband connection as much as they like.

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