A day in the life of a fibre ambassador

Here at Enable we have created the term ‘Fibre Ambassador’ as a way of describing  our door to door team who’re primarily responsible for educating customers on fibre broadband, how it works, the benefits and why it really is the best service to be on.

You may have seen one of our friendly fibre ambassadors out and about in your neighborhood, perhaps they have even knocked on your door. We thought it would be polite to introduce you to them on our digital platforms in case you aren’t aware of what it is they actually do.

Our fibre ambassador - team leader, Darren Espin happily explains to you in the below what a typical day for his team looks like.

During a typical workday as a fibre ambassador we are lucky enough to spend our time split between collaborating with our Enable colleagues and assisting members of our Christchurch community.

Our work hours are not your typical nine to five arrangement. We start work at 10:30 in the office and meet daily at 12pm to connect with the team and learn from each other’s experiences talking to the people of Christchurch.  We also carry out a safety briefing and other training that we need to provide a better service to our community.

Once this is finished, we head out into the ‘field’ a term we give for our community, each of us is responsible for a different area or suburb so that we can be spread ourselves evenly across Christchurch.

Our hours engaging with members of the community change seasonally to align with daylight savings and times people are more likely to be home. In winter we’re in the filed from 1-6pm and in summer this changes to 2-7:30pm.

The main role of a fibre ambassador is visiting or calling people to explain what fibre broadband can offer them and helping them to understand how to get connected. We know there are many people that have seen Enable installing our network in their footpath or up their shared driveway but do not know what to do next. There are others who have moved into a home where fibre broadband has been connected previously – and do not understand how easy it is to get it reconnected. We always start by trying to understand a family or individuals internet usage now, their needs and their plans – to work out the relevant benefits of being connected to our fibre network.

We are there to listen, receive feedback, answer questions, and educate people about getting connected to fibre. If the customer seems interested in getting connected, we then record their details in our system and supply those details to the individuals preferred internet service provider who then contacts the customer directly.

To sum it up, we educate our community on what fibre broadband could do for them and facilitate their journey towards getting connected. This helps people navigate the sometimes-murky waters of a fibre connection, whilst providing excellent customer service right at your door!





Due to recent events, we have all become pretty good at staying home and with winter now on our doorstep we will only get better at doing so.

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