Make sure you're on the best broadband connection this winter

Due to recent events, we have all become pretty good at staying home and with winter now on our doorstep we will only get better at doing so.

Wet and cold weather naturally means we tend to spend increased time indoors nestled up on the couch in the warmth. Because of this, you may have noticed that your family spends more time connected to devices keeping entertained online.

Not only can fibre withstand environmental factors like rain or cold temperatures, it allows for quicker downloads and uploads, multiple devices can be connected without issues, and it offers a consistent and reliable online experience for your whole family.

With 65% of local home broadband services delivered over our fibre network it’s likely that most people on your street are having a great online experience – due to the performance and reliability of fibre broadband – while they’re working, shopping, streaming movies or browsing the web when it is cold. Professionals and children are embracing new ways of working and learning via online digital platforms.

Fibre broadband connections aren't impacted during peak times when lots of people are using the network – and it's during increased demand like this, when a reliable and fast internet connection is essential.

This means on evenings, weekends and school holidays when the kids are home and you have family and friends over, your connection has the bandwidth to carry all users, allowing them to perform the activities they wish online whatever they may be.

In addition, our fibre network reliability is not adversely impacted by cold and wet weather – meaning families can have confidence in the fibre broadband service when they really need it on those nasty winter days when everyone’s stuck inside.

Enable fibre broadband is the best connection available to you right now, and with winter upon us it's the perfect time to upgrade.

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Keep it real online

The Keep it real online campaign is a government initiative that equips parents and caregivers with the tools to educate their children on the importance of staying safe online.

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Here at Enable we have created the term ‘Fibre Ambassador’ as a way of describing  our door to door team who’re primarily responsible for educating customers on fibre broadband, how it works, the benefits and why it really is the best service to be on.

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