Experiencing connection issues?

We thought we would offer some useful information by going over the best process if you’re experiencing connection issues.

If you’re having any issues or your fibre broadband connection isn’t working, then the best place to visit first is your internet provider.

Give them a call and they will provide assistance and diagnose the issue for you first hand, if they believe the issue is with our network then they will log a fault for you and we will work together to resolve it.

If for some reason you can’t get through to your internet provider, then you can make a quick visit to our website and if we’re experiencing a network outage then this will be made clear on our home page with any details of the areas it may be impacting.

You can also visit us on Facebook and check our latest posts as we will always publish any updates and information that is relevant to our customers there.

We do recommend always using your internet provider as the first means of contact before getting in touch with us as the issue may not lay with our network.