Irish movies available to stream in NZ

The weather isn't that flash out there and going to the pub can be expensive. Instead, get into the festivities by streaming some great movies and series Emerald Isle style. Here's some to kick you off...

The Young Offenders

The TV series has been receiving rave reviews so why not go back to the film that started it all? What could go wrong when best friends Conor and Jock go on a road trip to try and find some cocaine and make some money after a drug-trafficking boat capsizes in Co Cork? Peter Foott's script is full of laughs while stars Alex Murphy and Chris Walley are immensely watchable.



Handsome Devil

This 2016 comedy-drama puts an emphasis on individuality. Music fan Ned is sent to a rugby-loving boarding school and forced to room with the team's star player. The film could be in danger of being too formulaic, but director John Butler ensures his movie feels fresh, being aided by a great soundtrack and an impressive supporting role by Sherlock star Andrew Scott.



The Siege of Jadotville

Jamie Dornan stars as Commandant Pat Quinlan in this true story about a group of Irish soldiers who, while on a peace-keeping mission for the UN, were left under siege by Katanga Gendarmerie troops. The film bagged four Iftas and is certain to keep viewers gripped, especially with strong support from the likes of Mark Strong.


Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope

Okay, not strictly a film - but still a great show to watch. It's the show that made it's creator, Stefanie Preissner, a household name and tells the story of two women living in Dublin as one of them starts to spiral out of control. Darkly comic, it is a perfect binge-watching option. 





Andres Torres of Ericsson recently presented the Ten Hot Consumer Trends for 2018  at the Christchurch FLINT launch held at Dux Central.

So we cut it down into GIFs to see what we can expect in the near future for digital.

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