What can we expect in the future of digital?

Andres Torres of Ericsson recently presented the Ten Hot Consumer Trends for 2018  at the Christchurch FLINT launch held at Dux Central.

So we cut it down into GIFs to see what we can expect in the near future for digital.

Your devices will read your body language and facial expressions. Instead of swiping your phone open, you might do a body gesture or use a tone of voice.


We might all wear permanent earpieces – we will be able to block out noise, translate languages in real-time and more. Selective hearing anyone?


With the plethora of opportunity available online, learning new skills will become easier and access – but just as easy to forget.


Advertisements will become so good – you’ll think you would have experienced the product already.


Devices will become more and more like humans and have uncanny communication skills  


Robots may end up taking our jobs - but they might also be programmed to serve us. 


We are only a few years away from using virtual reality to 'step inside and walk around 'smartphone photos.


The introduction to drones is the next big thing - and a drone-dedicated highway may be required!


Charging your phone might become a thing of the past, with the revolution on how we charge our devices - from phones to cars.


Find the full presentation of the Ten Hot Consumer Trends for 2018 here.


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