Keeping it real online: Why it’s important

The Keep it real online campaign is a government initiative that equips parents and caregivers with the tools to educate their children on the importance of staying safe online.

The campaign cleverly uses a series of ads to capture the many dangers kids can come across when browsing and using online platforms. It addresses topics such as online bullying, pornography and grooming, and educates parents on how to minimise the potential risk of children running into these issues.

The campaign is incredibly important as it raises awareness of the potential hazards that our young people may stumble across online. Issues many of us can encounter without even searching for. By exposing these issues and circulating conversation about them, then we can be better equipped to address them if they do arise.

The Keep it real online website is a useful resource that equips us with some educational tools such as ways you can manage your child’s screen time and understanding the ratings on movies and TV programs, to figure out if they’re appropriate for your child’s viewing.

You can follow the campaign on Facebook here to keep updated with the latest content and useful tips they offer.

Lastly, if you think your child is being exposed to harmful or illegal content online then you can learn  how to report it here.

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