Making the most of your Enable fibre broadband connection 

When considering broadband options they usually include an indication of the speed you can expect from the service.  The higher the speed - represented in megabits per second (or Mbps) - the more you and your family can do online. 

Your broadband experience at home can vary depending on the technology you’re on, how the specific technology responds to things like bad weather, the quality of your home equipment and environmental factors in your home itself. 

The great news -if you’re already on Enable fibre broadband - is that you won’t be impacted by many of these external factors and can make changes in your home to improve your broadband experience. 


The distance between your Wi-Fi modem and your devices can affect your broadband performance. Having your modem positioned close to where you mostly use your devices, or in the centre of your home, will improve the Wi-Fi coverage making drop-outs less likely. 

Old devices  

Old devices and some software installed on your devices can impact your broadband performance. Keeping your devices software updated and removing any unnecessary apps will allow your devices to run more smoothly. If your device is more than a few years old it might also be time to consider upgrading.   

Outdated modem

If your Wi-Fi modem is over three years old or wasn’t supplied by your current internet provider it could be outdated or inappropriate for your service. Like all technology, age slows the device down, so it’s best to upgrade your modem every few years to stay up to date with faster broadband speeds and capability.  


Transmitting devices like neighbouring Wi-Fi networks, baby monitors and Bluetooth devices can cause interference to your Wi-Fi. Other electrical devices such as halgon desk lamps, dimmer switches and speakers can also affect your Wi-Fi signal. 

The materials your home is made from (such as concrete or brick walls) can also cause interference. To ensure any of the above things don’t interfere with your connection, switch off any electrical equipment when not in use.  

Your internet provider can help

Enable fibre broadband provides the fibre connection between your address and your internet providers network. The capacity of your internet providers network can affect your overall experience.  

It’s important to contact make your internet provider first, if you’re experiencing issues with your Enable fibre broadband connection as they can best assist you. 

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Enable fibre broadband has begun the installation of solar panels on some of the buildings that power Enable’s fibre network, known as Central Offices. This is an important project for Enable’s sustainability goals as they work towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2030.

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Over the holiday season we often open our homes to family and friends, we also try to take a break and relax. For these reasons we naturally spend more time online and truly realise the need for a great internet connection.

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