What broadband plan should I order?

Overwhelmed with options when choosing your fibre broadband plan? We've taken away the jargon to help make it simpler to choose the right plan for your normal usage.

I Skype, stream music on Spotify and send the odd email with a few attachments

Any fibre broadband service will ensure you have a great internet experience and are able to do the things you want online. To make the most of a fibre broadband connection, follow our steps to better broadband performance.


I do all of the above and I watch Netflix and stream live TV

A 100/20 Mbps fibre broadband service is perfect for watching high definition streaming (e.g. YouTube, Lightbox, Netflix, NEON). This should work well even if a few people are streaming off different devices at the same time.

Of course, a faster service (200 Mbps plus) could be a better option, if there are lots of connected devices in your house.


I do all the above, and like to play online games

A 200/100 Mbps service is for serious users and should do the trick– but you may find having a connection of speeds up to 1000 Mbps works best.


I want the best – gaming is not what I do, it is who I am.

The fastest speed available is up to 1000 Mbps – and all Enable fibred properties can order this level of service. Some users really appreciate the difference in experience over this service.



To check if fibre broadband is available at your place, use our instant address checker  and order Enable fibre from your retailer to enjoy the benefits of fibre broadband.