Who are we?

Enable is the fibre broadband network provider for greater Ōtautahi. Since 2011 Enable has been providing Christchurch and the surrounding area with fibre broadband – reaching more than 200,000 businesses, homes and schools. We are 100% owned by Christchurch City Council which means we are owned by Cantabrians. Day in and day out, we are connecting people to critical infrastructure. We are really proud of what we do at Enable, and we want to find team members that feel the exact same way. Are you ready to join team Enable?

Tour our office - Right in the heart of the CBD

Our values

Smash boundaries

Work together to create bold new outcomes

Keep it simple & fresh

Innovation loves clarity

Own the experience

Take charge & make great happen now

Show the love

Care for each other, our customers, our community & the environment

Enable Perks

Flexible working arrangements:

We value work life balance, so we’re as flexible as flexible can get.


Along with those flexible working arrangements you will have our trust. We measure output, not input.

A monthly broadband allowance:

$50 towards your broadband a month, which means you have $50 extra to spend on something you really want to spend it on!

An annual paid ‘RefreshMe’ day off:

a free day to do whatever you choose to fill your cup, it could be volunteering, spending time with your kids, a pamper day, or doing a marathon. We don’t mind, as long as you take it!

Located in the heart of the CBD:

Our new office has a 4 Green Star rating which supports improved sustainability and the health and well-being of our people. Our building and site is owned by Ngāi Tahu, and we are honoured to be one of its caretakers.

An annual well-being or sustainability allowance:

You will receive $250 a year to spend on anything well-being and sustainability-related.

Parental leave entitlement:

We want to support our primary caregivers at home when their little bundle of joy joins their whaanau! Enable will top up primary caregivers' paid parental leave payments to 100% for the first 26 weeks of their parental leave.

Leave purchasing

Sometimes there’s just too much to do and not enough leave to do it in! That’s why we give staff the ability to purchase leave. If you’d like to take extra leave we can spread it costs across the year and deduct it from each pay cycle giving you more paid time to do the stuff you love.

More than anything, what truly makes working at Enable so great is our team environment. We’re a tight-knit team, that looks out for each other and puts emphasis on each other’s wellbeing. Sticking together to deliver great outcomes for the people of Christchurch.

Want some insight into Enable?

Our employees enable us to deliver our purpose of connecting our community with unlimited opportunity. Apart from the people of Christchurch, our employees are the lifeblood of our business.


Whether you are out in the field or are one of our managers in the business, we all have a part to play for our community and that’s what makes being a part of Enable the best.

Bryce is one of our go-to network security guys. He manages the team of Network Engineers and keeps everything running smoothly.

Art is responsible for guiding our leaders and helping to ensure that our employees are safe and well.

Dawn is responsible for helping to bring the voice of the customer to the organisation and bring Enable closer to its customers.

Salinda is responsible for ensuring our network is running safely.

Hermione is responsible for ensuring Enable’s brand is one the people of Christchurch understand and resonate with.

Work for a B Corp Certified company

Joining the Enable team, means joining the global B Corp movement.

Here at Enable we are proud to be a part of the global B Corp movement. This significant milestone not only reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship but also sets a new benchmark for the telecommunications sector as a whole in New Zealand. 

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