Enable releases draft unbundled fibre pricing

Christchurch’s fibre broadband provider, Enable, has today released draft pricing for its unbundled fibre product. This product will be available for purchase by Internet Service Providers from 1 January 2020.

The new unbundled product will be offered by Enable alongside its current suite of wholesale fibre broadband products – meaning Internet Service Providers will have greater choice as to how they create broadband services and deliver them to consumers.

“Enable is committed to creating a set of unbundled products that meet our obligations and continue to promote the long-term industry investment and innovation at both the network and retail level for the benefit of the end consumer,” says Enable Chief Executive, Steve Fuller.

The monthly wholesale draft price released today is $36.93 per fibre between the home or business and the roadside cabinet (Distribution Fibre) and $236.53 per fibre between the cabinet and the Service Provider’s network equipment (Feeder Fibre). This draft pricing is for the first year from 1 January 2020.

“The model we’ve used to determine the draft pricing is based on expert advice and reflects the equivalence standard required by Enable when delivering unbundled fibre services,” said Mr Fuller.

“The first-year pricing reflects the current fibre broadband market maturity within Enable’s coverage area.  Currently we have slightly more than 100,000 customers connected while our network reaches approximately just over 200,000 potential customers – equating to network utilisation of around 50 percent.”

Enable is committed to delivering world-class fibre broadband connectivity to its Christchurch community through its full suite of products.

“Customers will continue to be able to enjoy their current fibre broadband experience after 1 January,” added Mr Fuller.

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There are now only eight weeks until the first match of the 2019 World Cup, starting 20 September – meaning about 4,000 fibre broadband connection appointments available between now and then.

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Christchurch’s fibre broadband provider, Enable, has connected the 100,000th customer to its network.

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