Fibre broadband installation slots filling fast as World Cup approaches

There are now only eight weeks until the first match of the 2019 World Cup, starting 20 September – meaning about 4,000 fibre broadband connection appointments available between now and then.

Enable wants to ensure that the Christchurch rugby community knows that a fibre broadband service is the best option for successfully streaming all the rugby action and that time is running out to get connected.

“It is a huge year for New Zealand in terms of sporting World Cups – and so far, we’ve won one final and lost another,” said Enable Chief Executive, Steve Fuller.

“We still have the rugby to come and this massive global contest is set to be the biggest online streaming event in New Zealand history. We don’t want to see rugby fans miss out on a great experience, simply because they haven’t taken action and switched to fibre broadband in time.”

A fibre connection offers an ultra-fast and super-reliable broadband service – and is recommended as the best type of broadband connection for anyone doing a lot of streaming. Fibre broadband may significantly decrease buffering and loss of picture quality when streaming online content – including the rugby.

“We know that for many families the World Cup will be the first time they have done a lot of online streaming. They may not realise the limits of their current broadband connection,” said Mr Fuller.

“We’re expecting such an uplift in online streaming during the World Cup that we have doubled the capacity of our network to be ready for this huge event.”

Enable has 500 to 600 connection appointments available each of the eight weeks and these are filling up fast. Once these appointments are gone, they are gone.

It’s quick and easy to get connected if a home is standalone and owned by the customer, or if there’s previously been a fibre connection at that home. In some cases – such as in rental properties or down long driveways – it can take a little longer to get a connection up and running.

“We want our community to know that they should make the switch to fibre broadband now. They must talk to their internet provider immediately to order fibre broadband, so we can start the process and lock in a connection appointment as soon as possible” said Mr Fuller.

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