How to stay friends with the social media over-sharer

Instagram has announced that in the coming weeks it is giving users the option to ‘mute’ people they follow from their newsfeed. This means you can avoid the “I can’t believe you unfollowed me” backlash – but enjoy the perks of unfollowing your over-sharer friend.

Better yet, no one needs to know.

This prompted us here at Enable to review other ways you can ‘stay in touch’ with friends online, without seeing every. Single. Post. They. Put. Up.



It’s simple, go to your friend’s page and click where it says ‘following’, and click ‘Unfollow’ on the drop down menu. This means you’re still Facebook friends, but their posts will stop showing in your newsfeed.

 Unfollow Facebook


Facebook Messenger

Do you have a friend who is always sending you ‘pass it around’ private Facebook messages?

They’re easily dealt with too. Simply open the conversation with your superstitious friend, click the settings button and click ‘Mute’.

You will still be Facebook friends, you’ll still receive the messages, and preserve the real-life friendship – but the notifications of those pesky messages will stop.

 Unfollow Facebook Messenger


On LinkedIn it’s easy as well.

On your newsfeed, click the three dots on the top right hand corner of your contact’s post.

A drop down menu will appear with the option of unfollowing that person.

Unfollow LinkedIN 


Same goes for those on Twitter

Click either the drop down menu on the post in your newsfeed, or the overflow button on the right hand side of the profile, and click ‘mute’.

You’ll still be following that person – but their Tweets will stay on their profile and out of your newsfeed.

 Unfollow Twitter



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