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Understanding B Corp certification B Corp certification is an internationally recognised standard for businesses that prioritise social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
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You won’t be surprised to read that we think the internet is incredible – and the faster it is, the better! Increasing access to fibre connectivity is accelerating our region;…
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With technology constantly advancing it means some technologies become outdated and no longer serve the purpose they once did.
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If you have no or poor internet connection at your home you can apply for support.
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2022 wrapped up

28 February 2023

With the start of 2023 well underway we have taken a moment to reflect on some of the achievements and milestones reached last year by our outstanding Enable team.
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Cyber Security Week

3 October 2022

The internet is critical to business, but with the larger use and reliance on the internet and digital devices comes the higher risk of cybercrime.
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Enable fibre broadband has begun the installation of solar panels on some of the buildings that power Enable’s fibre network, known as Central Offices.
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Your broadband experience at home can vary depending on the technology you’re on, how the specific technology responds to things like bad weather, the quality of your home equipment and environmental factors in your home itself.…
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Over the Christmas break you’ll likely increase or change your internet usage habits.
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Our new office is located at the Iwikau building on 93 Cambridge Terrace.
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