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Your broadband experience at home can vary depending on the technology you’re on, how the specific technology responds to things like bad weather, the quality of your home equipment and environmental factors in your home itself.…
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Over the Christmas break you’ll likely increase or change your internet usage habits.
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Our new office is located at the Iwikau building on 93 Cambridge Terrace.
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These changes will give tenants the ability to add minor fixes, changes and installations to their rented property – one’s that would normally require landlord consent.
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Cyber bullies often use social media to target their victims, as hiding behind a computer screen can conceal the person’s identity, giving them more motivation target people.
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Below are four easy steps you can take to minimise the risk of being the victim of a cyber-attack.
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Having slow speeds can really affect our online experience and leave us frustrated when things aren’t downloading fast enough or we have to wait ages while our photos and videos…
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If you’re having any issues or your fibre broadband connection isn’t working, then the best place to visit first is your internet service provider.
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This reinforces just how important a reliable, high-speed internet connection is, and there isn’t anything more reliable or faster than fibre broadband.
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Keep it real online

The campaign cleverly uses a series of ads to capture the many dangers kids can come across when browsing and using online platforms.