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Winter watching: The TV shows we're enjoying right now!

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Winter means snuggling up inside, and what better way to do so than by streaming something worthy online. To make that decision easier here are our top recommendations.


New property access rules make connecting easier

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We’ve recently started applying new property access legislation that means we can build our network up some shared accessways or private right of ways without the need to gain explicit consent from all the neighbouring properties.


Fibre broadband superior during winter

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The benefits of fibre may be particularly noticeable or heightened during the winter months.


How to: Chromecast, a step-by-step guide

Chromecast blog

Chromecast is a streaming media adaptor produced by Google, that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. This is then connected to your smart phone, tablet or laptop enabling you to transfer video content from YouTube, Netflix and other platforms from your device to a larger screen.


Three things you need to live stream the World Cup

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With the greatly anticipated World Cup fast approaching, the team here at Enable want to ensure you’ve got access to all the vital equipment and information needed to have a great experience streaming sport online.


Get password smart!

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Are you password smart? These days, we access and share some of our most important information online—about ourselves, our family and our finances.


Where’s a tech geek when you need one?

Geeks on Wheels

Our homes are increasingly filled with tech gadgets and gizmos that are great when they work and a real pain in the neck when they go wrong.


You don't have to sacrifice faster speeds for medical needs


Don't let your medical needs get in the way of connecting to ultra-fast fibre broadband.


How long does it take to connect to fibre broadband?


We endeavour to connect orders to our fibre broadband network as quickly as possible. For most connections this can be within a couple of weeks of receiving an order.


Fibre broadband: what landlords need to know


If you’re a landlord, and considering fibre for your investment property, we’ve got a few reasons why getting fibre installed is something that could add value to your investment.