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Check out your online self and stay safe

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Reckon there’s nothing worth hackers finding about you online?  Why would anyone bother trying to figure out your password? The truth is, hackers don’t target a specific individual or organisation.


Fibre broadband installation - what to expect


If you're wondering what's involved in getting fibre broadband installed at your home (if you haven't already had it installed) - take three minutes to watch this video, with real-life...


Online consent forms are here


Providing consent for your tenanted property or shared accessway has never been easier.


World Emoji Day - and the new Emojis

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Have you been on Facebook today? Well you might have seen a friendly reminder that it’s World Emoji Day. Yes, the 17th of July is the day the world comes together to celebrate… emojis.


How to prepare for a Plan Appointment with Enable technicians

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Getting Enable fibre broadband connected at your property requires bringing the fibre duct from the street up to your home. It’s usually pretty straight forward, but there are some decisions that need to be made.

The Enable technician that visits your property at the Plan appointment will talk through the following options – and help you make the best decisions.


"The best project I've ever worked on"


As Enable’s fibre network build comes to an end, for Quality Officer Garth Lancaster, he is grateful for the opportunity to work on such a significant project.


How to stay friends with the social media over-sharer

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Instagram has announced that in the coming weeks it is giving users the option to ‘mute’ people they follow from their newsfeed. This means you can avoid the “I can’t believe you unfollowed me” backlash – but enjoy the perks of unfollowing your over-sharer friend.

Better yet, no one needs to know.


Your people are your greatest asset when embracing new technology

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We're building a fibre broadband network across Christchurch and currently provide our services to about 7,000 Canterbury businesses.


Flatting 101: How to avoid flat break downs and break ups


Cleaning rostersClean is king. It’s hard to be in a grumpy mood with your flatmates if a) they clean up after themselves and b) help keep shared spaces clean.


Irish movies available to stream in NZ


The weather isn't that flash out there and going to the pub can be expensive. Instead, get into the festivities by streaming some great movies and series Emerald Isle style. Here's some to kick you off...