Builders, developers, and contractors

Developing a multi-dwelling unit

By making your development fibre ready, you’ll be future proofing for prospective owners and tenants.

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Building or renovating a single property

If you’re building or renovating, there are a couple of things your builder needs to do to prepare your home for fibre broadband.

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Fibre in new subdivisions

We're installing fibre broadband to most new subdivisions in and around Christchurch.

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Network Webmap

Before you dig, finding the location of Enable's network is important to avoid any damage to the fibre network.

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Becoming a Certified B Corporation

Understanding B Corp certification

B Corp certification is an internationally recognised standard for businesses that prioritise…

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Older Couple

Protect yourself from common online scams

You won’t be surprised to read that we think the internet is incredible – and…

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Here's what you need to know about the copper withdrawal

With technology constantly advancing it means some technologies become outdated and no longer serve the…

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Support for rural and remote areas with no or poor internet connectivity

If you have no or poor internet connection at your home you can apply for…

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